Hardware Specifications

-Input Voltage: 12V (using a LM7809 9V voltage regulator, for more details see datasheet http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/LM/LM7809.pdf)

DO NOT USE 110/220V power supply

-Output Zapping Voltage: Jumpter selectable from:
*Regulator 9V Output
*Input voltage (11.4V => input protection diode voltage drop)
-Output Type: CMOS
-PWM based Frequency generator ( from 16Hz to 500Khz) <1% precision
-SoftwareBased frequency generator (from 1 to 15 Hz) < 10% precision
-Tested output frequency range: 1->30Khz
-2GB Supported MicroSD card (NOTE: problems can happen if you use higher capacity SD card.)
-2X16 character LCD screen (based/compatible with HD44780 controlers)
-4 micro switch buttons to navigate through device menu and sequencies (up, down, ok, cancel button)
-3 status leds:
*Power status (Red)
*Stand by status (Yellow/orange)
*Zapper running status (Blue/Red)

Software Specifications
-Settings and Frequency sequences are read from a Micro SD card
-Frequency sequencies are read from SD card file.
-Duty Cycle for each frequency can be configured inside Sequence files.
-No SD card mode: 3 pre-defined modes are stored inside the Netduino programme when no sd card is detected:
  • DEFAULT 1KHZ (1KHZ square signal with a cycle ratio of 90%)
  • DEFAULT 2.5KHZ (2.5KHZ square signal with a cycle ratio of 90%)
  • DEFAULT 30KHZ (A sequence of 3x30KHZ square signal with a cycle ratio of 50% + 1x10Khz 50% for 420s each)
-"Forbidden Frequencies" feature, allowing user to select which frequencies to skip.
-A few Sequencies are available to download on this project.

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